“Mr Chetty addressed a group of grade 12 learners from my school, St Henry’s Marist College.

His 1 hour long talk is based on a simple concept: SAVING.By involving the learners,he extracts valuable information from them to prove his point that society does not place enough emphasis on saving.

His examples are relevant and applicable to the youth.His presentation is cleverly put together, weaving fact and philosophy to create a desire and intense motivation to start saving NOW!

My learners certainly enjoyed the talk and gained valuable knowledge that will be useful as they start earning their first salaries.

My only regret is that I did not get Mr Chetty to present to my Grade 12 learners at the beginning of the year- I think his message would have inspired them to set high goals for the year.”

Liezl McDonald
St Henry’s Marist College.
“Mr. Joe Chetty, the financial consultant was introduced to me by Mr. V Govender, the Principal of Acacia Primary School in 2011.I attended a workshop presented by Mr.Chetty and many individual meetings took place where questions were posed and answered.

When I was uncertain about retiring and which option to take I consulted Mr.Chetty and he responded either telephonically or called at our home.

Mr. Chetty was well acquainted with financial matters. If he was unsure about something he made attempts to find out and inform me accordingly.
Mr. Joe Chetty has a pleasant personality and he is a person who could be easily approached.

Mr.Chetty is honest, transparent, learned and offered advice in the best interest of my well being.
He also arranged for a legal advisor to address my colleagues and I at ameeting.

He took the time and made me aware of the advantages and disadvantages of different options at retirement.
I am grateful to him for directing and guiding me concerning financial aspects.

Although it was a big decision to make,I finally decided to choose the best option that applied in my case I have faith and trust in Mr. Joe Chetty and without doubt recommend him to anyone seeking financial advice
Clients should not be put off with fees involved because the fruits of your labor will be achieved at the end.

God bless you and I wish School of Savings flourish in the future. Thank you Mr. Joe Chetty for everything that you have done for me.”

Ms P Govender
“My first contact with Joe was during a school visit to one of our public schools where Joe was busy discussing some financial matters with the Principal of the school. It must be mentioned that my wife I were skeptical of so called financial advisors and placed Joe in the same category.

Amidst this background, something impelled me to make an appointment and discuss my financial matters with this young man. That was a watershed moment in my life and I have not looked back since. Joe has changed my view and outlook towards money, investments and planning for retirement. He offered sound practical and honest advice to me and my family.

Joe did not at any stage attempt to sell me products or influence me to invest with him. Instead he mentored me about options available to me pointing that I was over insured but needed to streamline and adapt my portfolio to realize the future I envisioned for myself. Joe has also offered sound financial advice to my two children, newly graduated. He has made them realize the importance of saving and of starting to invest in the future from your very first paycheck.
He has made us aware of the volatility of the market while at the same time giving us advice about safe, high risk and low risk investment options. Joe always makes time in his busy schedule to address any issues I may have even if they are trivial. He puts the financial well being and peace of mind of his clients as his top priority.

It must be mentioned that had I met Joe five years earlier, I would have comfortably retired by now.”

“Dear Mr Chetty, we would like to thank you for taking time out of your day to come speak to us.”

The Grade 12 students
St Henry’s Marist College.
” I, Mr. v govender hereby express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Joe Chetty of Moneydoc for his professional, efficient and honest
handling of my financial matters.

He has helped me to consolidate my life insurance policy and audit its financial viability and restructured policies to suit my lifestyle.
His expert and professional advice helped to reduce my mortgage bond payments by 4 years effectively saving me R680 000.00 A massive saving indeed!

Mr. Joe Chetty has handled my tax returns with SARS and reduced my tax liability to bare minimum resulting in my tax rebate being doubled. Mr. Joe Chetty is our financial advisor and he handled our entire family financial port folio. His professionalism and thoroughness is always evident when he interacts with clients .Two of his notable traits are punctuality and efficiency. It is due to these rare qualities which is uncommon in the insurance/financial industry I have highly recommended Mr. Joe Chetty to the staff of Acacia Primary School.

I am deeply indebted to Mr. Joe Chetty for all his professional advice and his warm personality. It is a real pleasure to work with Mr. Joe Chetty, a man of great integrity”

Mr V Govender