One on One Mentorship Programme

One on one mentorship programme

For Individuals

This is a one on one mentorship programme that will ensure that an individual takes full control of his/her money.
There are 3 steps to this programme which are:


In this step your mentor will meet with you to:
  • Get to know you better and establish what your goals and aspirations are.
  • Show you how your personality, ie. Your identity, purpose and talents impact on your wealth creation and desire to achieve financial freedom.
  • Work out your needs and your wants.


In this step of the programme, your mentor will help you to:
  • Structure a path that you would both work on to achieve the goals that were established in step one.
  • Take a detailed look at where your money is being spent.
  • Identify your strengths regarding money matters and help develop them further
  • Get rid of products, commodities and services that you do not need. Often this frees up money that is tied up in non-essentials normally one would not see until a financial coach points out to you.
  • Take a deeper look into your debt situation and establish, and point out what is “good debt” and what is “bad debt”. The programme devises a plan of how to get rid of “bad debt” and manage “good debt”.
  • To become debt free well before you had originally planned to. Most people are engulfed in debt for their whole working career. This programme will show you how to become debt free sooner rather than later and give you the financial freedom that you deserve.
  • Look at ways of spending money on products, commodities and services that are going to add value to your life and help with growing your wealth.


In this step your financial mentor will help you to stay focussed on the path set out in step 1. As human beings, we get into a comfort zone when all is going well for us and we tend to lose focus on our plans. Every so often, you need somebody to bring you back on track. As your financial mentor, we would assume the duty of helping you keep focussed on that path until this becomes a habit.