Group programme

This service provides sessions for groups of 10 people and more. The programme is presented in the form of a workshop that will take group of people from A to Z of their finances. The programme concentrates on helping people understand the following:
  • How your personality affects your spending patterns and your wealth creation
  • The need for keeping a record of where your money is being made and spent and how this impacts on wealth creation
  • Good debt and bad debt. What’s the difference
  • Becoming debt free sooner rather than later
  • Getting rid of unwanted expenses
  • Finding the best products, services and commodities for your money
  • The need to constantly review your progress towards your wealth creation plan

The service is offered to:

  • Companies for staff development
  • Religious groups
  • Youth groups
  • Women’s organisation
  • Start up business owners
  • Established business owners
  • Doctors doing internships
  • Newly qualified engineers
  • 4th Varsity Students
  • Government Employees/ GEPF members (Teachers, Nurses, Police Personnel, etc)
  • Candidate attorneys