About Us

About Us

The purpose and function of any coach is to enhance and nurture the potential of a player. A coach identifies the areas that need attention and together with the player, they work on improving the situation using various tools and skills at their disposal. Just merely providing the skills and tools, does not improve the results that are required. A game-plan is put in place and the coach motivates, encourages and mentors the player to a point where the player can now continue to work the plan on their own. Thereafter, the coach plays a supportive role in continuing to maintain the standard required of the player. Moneydoc Financial Coaching is no different, we are money coaches and not sports coaches. We work with the financial/money aspects of your life. As a money coach, we will identify the areas of your financial life that requires attention, put a plan together and motivate, encourage and mentor you until you are at a point where you are able to manage the plan on your own. Thereafter we will play a supportive role to ensure that you continue on the path of wealth creation.

Difference between a financial coach and traditional financial advisor

Moneydoc Financial coaching is unlike the traditional financial advisor. Our role is to educate and provide you with tools to help you make independent and educated financial decisions as opposed to selling you financial products. We focus on your learning and growth as opposed to financial product sales. As a money coach we are client centred and not product centred. We will empower you with value, skills and knowledge whereas with traditional financial advice, the value, skills and knowledge remains with the financial advisor. Moneydoc Financial coaching will show you how to create wealth without compromising your current lifestyle.

Our Mission

To make a positive difference in the lives of the people that we interact with through a professionally supported one on one relationship that will provide skills which will assist them in achieving their financial goals which will ultimately create a confident, competent and independent society.

Our Vision

To see a society that makes sound
informed financial choices. To guide
our clients to be financially self-sufficient